Infoland Support - When will my bug be fixed?

  • 14 August 2023
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Infoland Support - When will my bug be fixed?

As long as software exists, there will be bugs. After all, programming software is a complex affair. Infoland does its utmost to limit the number of bugs by including testing very prominently in the software development planning. Unfortunately, despite this effort, the occurrence of bugs is sometimes unavoidable.Openness and transparency are very important to us at Infoland. We regularly take steps in this direction. Examples are our new websites: insight into what we do in our development, monitoring our SaaS environment and of course our public Infoland Community. I am proud to announce that you can now also gain insight into the outstanding bugs via the support site. Now you will think: "but I already had insight into my bugs?". That's right. However, we have expanded this insight: all bugs, in order of priority and with possible workaround.


What's the benefit for you?

This new overview gives you insight into the position of your bug in relation to the others. Does this mean that you know exactly when your bug will be fixed? No Unfortunately not. Because new bugs are added and prioritized every week, the order changes each week. You can compare it to plotting a route. When you're on the road, you know when you're about to arrive. There are many things that influence this, such as possible accidents, traffic jams, etc. You can then choose the traffic jam, go home or an alternative route.You can also use this overview if you encounter an imperfection in Zenya. You can then check whether it is already known to us and benefit from a possible workaround. For the time being, it remains important to still create a ticket at the service desk. An extra ticket ensures that the bug is discussed again in our prioritization meeting and may receive a higher priority.


Where can you find this overview?

The overview “Known prioritized bugs” can be found on the support site via your “my.Infoland” environment under the button "My bugs".You must first be logged in to the “My Infoland” environment:





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