Infoland Community House Rules

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Of course everyone has certain norms and values ​​and will therefore behave respectfully towards other members and the community team. ☺️

Nevertheless, it is always good to share our community rules, so that we can ensure that the platform remains a pleasant and safe place for everyone.

Community rules

  1. The community platform is an open platform: this means that anyone who provides a valid organization name can register, read messages and find information. It is also possible to find messages through the search engines. So please never share personal information such as your address, telephone number, etc. The Infoland Community team reserves the right to delete personal information if we believe that it may violate your privacy.
  2. One account may be created per person. You are responsible for the personal information you provide and the username you choose. It is not allowed to choose a username that only consists of numbers. Choose a ''human'' username, for example your name or a derivative of your name.
  3. Spamming: the posting of advertisements on the community platform is not allowed.
  4. Flaming: don't post offensive, crude, vulgar, hateful, racist, sexist or obscene posts on the platform.
  5. Crossposting: your topic only belongs into one category. So there is no need to post the same post in multiple categories. 
  6. Illegal Business: do not post copyrighted material or links to websites with illegal software.
  7. If you notice something that violates these house rules, you are welcome to inform the community team by email:
    You do not have to act as a moderator yourself.
  8. Use an appropriate, descriptive and substantive title when posting a new topic. Avoid titles such as: "Help!", "What is this?", "Question", etc.
  9. If you respond to a topic, please stick to the current topic or start a new topic. It can happen that off-topic comments are posted once in a while, but make sure that the original topic does not change. Forum topics sometimes drift by nature. When that happens, it is best to create a new topic.
  10. Sending unsolicited private messages to members (including moderators) is considered spamming. When this is found, it can lead to denial of access to the community platform.
  11. If you receive an inappropriate private message, or an email sent via this platform, you can report it to one of the moderators.


  1. If you have a problem with the content of a particular message, you can report this to a moderator through a private message.
  2. Describe your objection in this message. Every complaint is reviewed and if necessary action will be taken.
  3. If you do not agree with a decision made by a moderator, you can send the moderator a private message with a clear description of why you do not agree. Never do this openly through the community platform.

Role of the moderator

A moderator checks the messages posted by members and takes action where necessary.

The actions may include:

  • Moving messages from one category to another;
  • Delete messages;
  • Customizing messages;
  • Placing general warnings on the community platform;
  • Sending personal warnings by private message;
  • Temporarily or permanently banning people from the community platform.

Do you have any questions? Please ask them below.


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