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  • 16 April 2021
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How can an employee change their password. Before it was via My Preferences, but know I can't find this.

I normally create an useraccount with a username and password and mail this to them with the remark that they will have to change the password into personal password.


I already heard that their is a bug in the system that this will be solved around 20-04-2021.



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6 replies

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Hi @SaskiaVK,

It was a very long release, and we forgot to build the password change functionality in the personal menu. You can expect this functionality to be back soon.

Hi @SaskiaVK, @Inge Kuijpers

Just wondering if this has been fixed, as we have the same issue. I would expect it to be under ‘my settings’ but cannot find it there?  

Kind regards, 


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Hi @Thijs,

When a user clicks on his initials at the top right of the screen, he can change his password:



@Inge Kuijpers 

Thank you for the reply, in that case it might be specific to our environment as the highlighted option “change password” is not visible for us (while the rest of the shown menu is). I will contact support to get this sorted. 

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Perhaps users are synched with another system? Then this  option is not available.

You can contact our service desk for more help.

So just to get back on this issue after I found the solution, you have to turn on this functionality yourself as application administrator. I looked for this option, under user management > default settings for new users (as where I personally would expect it to be placed) but could not find such option. 

Today I discovered that instead of user management, the option to enable password change for your users is under system settings > general. This resolved the issue of not being able to self-service reset your password. 


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